Lamborghini Murcielago Upgrades

Lamborghini Murcielago servicing and performance accessories.

This extremely well kept Lamborghini Murcielago came in for a bespoke performance service. After our technicians had carried out a full inspection and the required factory schedule maintenance on the vehicle, which included using all OEM parts and fluids, in addition to a pair of ‘lifetime’ BMC performance high flow air filters the vehicle was fully tested to insure the powerplant was running perfectly. From there we upgraded the factory control modules with performance revisions in the form of a Superlative Autosport ECU tune.

While the ECU tune upgrade doesn’t offer as favorable gains as the majority of the other tunes we offer, with the BMC filters and ECU reflash we saw gains of 18 wheel horsepower and 16 Tq. Even though the gains are a small perentage of what the stock engine produces, the actual drive of the car is greatly improved due to the adjustments made to sharpen the throttle response and smooth over some of dips seen in the factory software dyno chart power graphs, resulting in a stronger, more powerful pull through to redline.

Lamborghini performance products are available to buy online on our eStore.

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