Ferrari 599 GTB ECU Recalibration

Ferrari ECU recalibration on a Ferrari 599 GTB.

The factory ECU’s were removed from our customers Ferrari 599 GTB, one of highly skilled technicians opened the control modules and read the stored files and data from the required microprocessors using state of the art hardware. The files were forwarded to our engine preferred tuning partner for British and Italian ECU recalibrations, Superlative Autosport. Unfortuantely, we were unable to get a before dyno run on the vehicle but the 599 GTB was performing drastically stronger and more responsive after the Superlative Autosport software was uploaded. We put the vehicle through multiple data logging and diagnostic tests and the results were the Ferrari was running a lot healthier and stronger after the upgrade, all air fuel ratios were flawless running the Superlative 91oct recalibrations (not typically seen with the generic factory North America software revisions, compensating for different fuels). Needless to say the customer was very happy with the end results.

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